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Fusion Group is an international professional production and design company specializing in top quality retail furniture/ accessories productions, creative design, space planning and project management. Ever since Mr. George Man founded Fusion Design in the year 2000, we have been partnering with 1st tier international labels all around the world in developing and managing their retail projects. Other than having the expertise to uphold the equity of the brands and to follow their strict guidelines, we have also created many instantly recognizable designs that have helped heightened the brands exposure and awareness level.
Fusion Group understands at heart the importance of fusing creative attractive designs with real world practicality. We strive to provide an all-around unprecedented experiences to our clients by taking care of all the retail renovation needs from the design stage up until installation, and beyond. We took pride in the fact that we can offer full back up support to Brands so that they can concentrate on brand building and sales achievements while we take care of the hardware.

Fusion Group has a firm presence and recognition on the Hong Kong Retail Market, and is fast spreading its wings to PRC and other parts of Asia so as to deliver the unique Fusion Experience to more beneficiary Brands around the region.

Company Structure

Fusion Group headquarter is situated in the retail driven society of Hong Kong SAR. Dedicated Design Teams, Project Teams, Maintenance Teams are available and ready to tackle the diversified needs of the Brands. Regional offices are also strategically positioned Shanghai, Guangdong, and Macau. In order to provide truly one stop shop production, Fusion Group has set up a factory with experienced artisans to provide only the best experiences to the Brands.

Fusion Group Members :

·  Fusion Plus Ltd.

·  Fusionism Design Ltd.

·  Feilida Production (Dongguan) Ltd.

·  Shanghai Zhengyan Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

·  Fuxun Design (Shanghai) Ltd.

·  Jia Shi Display Service Ltd.

·  Focus Design Ltd.(Taiwan)

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